About Us | Château Mont-Sainte-Anne


Built in 1979, Château Mont-Sainte-Anne has offered its customers an unparalleled experience for almost 40 years. Surrounded by an abundance of nature, it is a leading destination for outdoor activities, a wide range of body care treatments, entertainment and fine dining.

Over the years, the hotel has maintained its prestigious reputation and understands the importance of evolving with the many local and international customers who visit the Château for vacations, sporting activities and business trips.

In 2005, Sébastien Roy became director of the Château with the objective of reinventing the resort for its 40th anniversary. Passionate about hospitality, he began renovations, including the expansion of the Mont-Sainte-Anne Conference Centre, and has continued to contribute to the improvement of the establishment.

Today, Château Mont-Saint-Anne is proud to be one of the largest employer in the Côte-de-Beaupré and Charlevoix regions, and the largest four-season resort in the Québec City area.

Sébastien Roy and his team wish you an excellent stay!

Certified 4 Green Keys

Château Mont-Saint-Anne was awarded a 4 Green Keys Certification by the Hotel Association of Canada to highlight its leadership and commitment to reducing its impact on the environment.

Here, We Recycle!

A participant in the Here, We Recycle program, the Château has reached level 2 through the measures it has taken to recycle, reduce waste and recover residual materials.