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Renovation / conversion project

*** Update on the Conversion/Renovations Poject – February 1st, 2021 ***

As part of its $ 20M renovation program for the Delta Marriott franchise conversion project, Château Mont Sainte-Anne announces the completion of the lodging units and the common areas. The conversion as part of Delta Hotel Marriott brand will be completed in April, 2021.

Reliance Construction Group calls for tender in these jobs fields for the last phase of the construction, the Aqua Nordik Centre: excavation, formwork, armature, concrete finish, concrete, steel structure, wrought metals, metallic coating, aluminium and glazing, interior system, roofing, doors, frames and hardware, paint, flooring, electricity, ventilation, plumbing, sprinklers, swimming pool and water basins.

For additional information concerning suppliers or sub-contractors, please contact Mr. Daniel Gascon, projet manager for Reliance Construction Group by phone 581-981-0999 or by email:

Aqua Nordik Centre - Coming soon

The outdoor pool will be ready for summer.