Discover New Nordic Cuisine!

Bistro Nordik Enjoy the Flavours of the Terroir!

Bistro Nordik

  • Our chef, David Ruel, is proud to offer you a new Nordic-inspired menu. A certified member of the Table aux Saveurs du Terroir network and the province’s Gourmet Route, Bistro Nordik continues to grow today, drawing inspiration from the new Nordic cuisine movement introduced by chef René Redzepi at Copenhagen’s Noma restaurant.

    As harvests come and seasons go, new Nordic cuisine showcases the best that nature has to offer in all its diversity, particularly products from the Côte-de-Beaupré and surrounding area, birthplace of North American agriculture.

    An inspired chef and committed producers have made for a fresh, healthy cuisine, put together with one eye on sophistication and the other on well-being. Wave goodbye to sugar, saturated fats, salt, and calories!

    Say hello to pure and simple flavours.